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Purchase new numbers

Updated By Patrik Weiland

Uppdaterad May 7th, 2021

An administrator, you can order and purchase new numbers. This can be done through the admin portal, in Administration > Phone Numbers. If your company is international, make sure to select the correct country in the top left corner so that you get to purchase numbers for the correct country. After that, click the plus sign in the lower right corner. Then, click the shopping cart next to Acquire new numbers. 

Purchase NumbersWhen that's done, select what type of numbers you are looking for (landline numbers or mobile). Then select the preferred area code.

The system will show you all the available numbers and their prices. Once you have selected a number or a number block, click To Order, make sure you have all the numbers you need, and click Continue. You will then be given an order confirmation, so check that the information is correct in it.

When your order looks correct, tick the box I approve the general terms of purchase and select Confirm. Now the numbers have been added to your Telavox environment, where you can select them for use.