Getting started with the mobile app

Author Shawn Ketabchi

Last updated: May 6th, 2024 by Oscar Hjelmstedt

Having the Telavox app on your phone is essential to staying connected and making changes on the go. Here’s how it works!

You can download the app through our website.

Log in with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Besides logging in with your Telavox credentials, you can also log in using Google or Microsoft with a single click with SSO. If you’re a new user, it’s important that you verify your email address. Check your inbox for a verification email from Telavox.


Both Fixed and Mobile users can make outgoing calls through the Telavox mobile app, but keep in mind that incoming calls are not answered through or with the app. Incoming calls are sent to your phone as a regular call.

If you have a Mobile license, the call will come to your Telavox SIM-card. If you have a Fixed license, mobile calls will be sent to the mobile number connected to your account. 

Call methods

Call methods are primarily useful for Fixed users since they cannot utilise a Telavox SIM-card in their mobile phone. The call methods make it possible for these users to make outbound calls through the Telavox app and show company numbers while not having a Telavox SIM-card in their phone.

Mobile users can show company numbers while calling directly from their phone because of their Telavox SIM-card. 

The different call methods are:

Call directly

Make an outbound call directly from the phone itself, using the SIM-card in the phone. For a Fixed user, this means the call will be made from your private number and SIM-card.

Call me

The app initiates a call from the PBX to your mobile. When this call is answered, the exchange dials the selected number. For a Fixed user, this means you can make outbound calls with a phone that does not use a Telavox SIM-card, while still showing company numbers when doing outbound calls.

Call through PBX

Your mobile calls the PBX, which in turn calls the chosen number (NOTE: This method will generate call costs since your PBX does not have a flat-rate for outgoing calls).


Make an outbound call directly from the app over the internet. This alternative requires a relatively good Internet connection.

To set a call method as standard, navigate to Settings > General > Call method and choose your preferred method. 

The recommended call methods for a Fixed user are Call me and VoIP. Mobile users can make outgoing calls directly from the phone itself while still being able to choose their Caller ID. 

Keep in mind that both Fixed and Mobile licenses have 3,000 external call minutes.