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Porting Swedish numbers

What applies when moving telephone numbers from and to Telavox?

Author Shawn Ketabchi

Last updated: September 8th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen


Porting involves moving telephone numbers between different operators. This article explains porting in general and how to port in and out.

If you have a fixed number/mobile number that you want to import to Telavox, the actual transfer can take place no earlier than 10 working days for fixed numbers and 5 for mobile numbers from the request's date. It can also be scheduled later than 5 or 10 days if you want to choose another specific date in the future.

In porting


When your number is ported to Telavox, it is only the number that is moved from the other operator, not any services or costs, etc. The services you have with the other operator are handled entirely by them and we have no authority to terminate these services ate you. So if your services are to be terminated in connection with porting out, you should contact the operator about this to ensure that everything is in order.

To port numbers via the admin portal, navigate to Telephone number and then press the plus sign in the lower-right corner. You'll see various options for either Ordering new numbers or Port number or number series.

If you then choose, for example, Port number, a box will appear where you can fill in which number you want to port and who owns the number. You can also choose which date you want the port to be set on.

A porting can only be made on working days and for whole hours. Keep this in mind when choosing the date and time.



You will at the earliest be able to choose a date that is 5 working days ahead.
If you are going to bring in a fixed number, you should choose a date that is at least 10 working days ahead.

If the number to be ported is registered on a social security number or another organisation number than your own, you can select the option Other owner. This means that you can fill in additional fields such as the owner's name, social security number or organisation number and e-mail address.

This information is then used to send out a power of attorney that can be digitally signed by the owner of the number.

The porting will be sent after the current owner has signed a power of attorney. Also, keep in mind that if, for example, you have chosen a date 5 working days in advance (when porting a mobile number), a power of attorney should preferably be signed on the same day. That's because a porting sent before the selected date is considered too early.

When a port is set up, you can upload the number of a user or PBX service even before the number has been transferred. Keep in mind that the number still belongs to the other operator until the porting is actually completed, according to the date selected and approved by the owning operator.

Read more here about how you set up new users yourself!

Decision Tree

Common reasons for denied porting

We recommend contacting the current operator before attempting to send a port to ensure a smooth process.

Press the options below to read more about each reason

  • Number not linked to the specified subscriber
  • Binding time
  • The number has no subscriber
  • Number series
  • Add Button
This content will be shown (depending on) when button above is clicked
This content will be shown (depending on) when button above is clicked
This content will be shown (depending on) when button above is clicked
This content will be shown (depending on) when button above is clicked

Number not linked to the specified subscriber

Porting has been denied because the personal or corporate identity number does not match the information provided by the current operator. Contact the operator to see who is registered as the owner of the number.

  • Add Button

  • Add Button

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Binding time

The number is linked to a service that has a lock-in period with the current operator. Contact the operator to see what options are available for you to be able to export the number.
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The number has no subscriber

The number has no subscriber to the owning operator. The owning operator will not approve the porting unless the number is in use/owned by the personal or organisation number with which the porting was sent. Contact the operator to start the services again and then be able to port the number.

Number series

The number is part of a number series. Contact the current operator to either break the number out of the series or to review which other numbers are part of the series so that these too can be ported at the same time.
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Out porting

When porting out a number from Telavox, it is the new operator who sends a porting request to us. To initiate an out porting, you need to turn to the new operator. The numbers you have at Telavox are connected to your organisation number. If the new operator sends an out porting request with the correct information, we will approve it.


The user or PBX service with which the number is used with will not be deleted automatically after out porting. Read more about how you can delete users here.

Open number for out porting

If the new operator does not send a porting with the correct information (your company's organisation number), we have the possibility to open the number for out porting. This means that the porting can be approved even if it is sent with incorrect information, e.g. a social security number instead of your organisation number.

In order for us to open a number for out porting, we need to get approval from an administrator.