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Updated By Shawn Ketabchi

Uppdaterad November 18th, 2021

CC Pro is an additional service‍ that is still undergoing updates, but here is some information about the functionalities that CC Pro already has! 


Co-listening is the most recent feature you can utilize if you have CC Pro. This feature makes it possible to listen in on colleagues' conversations in real-time. Both the person who listens in and the person who is listened to need the CC Pro additional service. Read more about Co-listening here‍. 


The call widget function is used to display more information about a call. You can also use it to open a dynamic URL that is adapted to information related to the call, for example, the caller's number or which queue the call comes from. Read more about Callwidgets here‍. 

Delayed Hunt Group

If all the queue's members are using CC Pro, you can add them to the queue's delayed hunt group. It is possible to create a few different groups and with this functionality, you can select how calls should ring in the queue.

On-hook waiting/Callback

If all the queue's members are using CC Pro, a functionality called On-hook waiting will be available in queue settings. If you choose to activate this functionality, there will be a few settings that need to be configured. Check out the On-hook waiting article‍ for a more detailed explanation! 

When On-hook waiting is activated in a queue, it is good to remember that it will not affect how you answer your calls. Regardless if your customers are using on-hook waiting or not, the call will ring in the queue normally. 


Users who do not have CC Pro added as an additional service cannot be added to a queue that has either delayed hunt group or on-hook waiting in use (as all the users in these queues need to have CC Pro).

Activate profiles automatically (Wrap-up time and a failed call attempt)

The most common way to use this functionality is to set a profile to be activated after a finished call. The profile is often set so that it logs out the user from queues and thus will not send calls to this user. This way, the functionality is used as an automatic wrap-up time that starts after a call.

The settings for profiles are adjusted in Users > Profiles (e.g. length, queue log in or caller ID).

To access the settings for automatic activation of profiles, you go to a queue, then place your pointer over a queue member to bring up a grey icon and adjust settings for the user in the queue. Click this button – then you will get activate profiles automatically in a separate popup window.

There, you can select which profile should be activated after a call. These options will be shown only to users who have CC Pro activated.

There is also an alternative for which profile should be activated in case a queue member does not answer a call (misses the call length). The picture below shows and describes the alternatives which can be selected on this occasion.

Pause Profiles

Pause profiles are profiles that can be activated by pressing a pause button in the Telavox app – this way, you can activate a profile fast and log out from queues. In order to turn a profile into a pause profile, you have to go to Users > Profiles. Then select a user and a profile (or create a new one). After having done this, you can mark a profile as a pause profile as shown below.

The checkbox for a pause profile is available only for users with CC Pro. 

The video below shows you what the pause button looks like and how it is used.


Users with CC Pro can create different dashboards to see how their queues and agents are doing throughout the day. You can create a dashboard from one or many queues, or select which agents are shown in your dashboard. That way, you will get an overview of your queues or agents.

To create a dashboard in the Telavox app, you go to Settings > Dashboards. Now our dashboards retrieve new data every time the link is opened. This means that every time you open your dashboards or refresh the page, all values are reset. For example, if you set up the dashboard to be shown on a TV, you will always have an overview of your selected statistics.


Users with CC Pro have the access to statistics in Administration > Statistics.