Author Shawn Ketabchi

Last updated: April 24th, 2023 by Roland David

Co-listening can be utilised by users who have the additional service CC Pro‍. Both the person who listens in and the person who is listened to need the CC Pro additional service. 

Co-listening is used to listen in on colleagues' conversations in real-time, which is a highly sought-after function for educational purposes. Now you can do it without being next to each other, directly through Telavox!

To start using the Co-listening function, you need to do the following:

  • CC Pro
    Add CC Pro by navigating to Users > Additional services‍ in the admin portal. Add it to all users who will use Co-listening. Remember that CC Pro gives you access to more than just Co-listening, so read more‍ about the additional service and make sure you use all the features that come with it!

  • Co-monitoring permissions
    Add Co-monitoring rights by navigating to User > Permissions. Users who are going to listen in on calls need this permission. (Only full admins can access permissions, not sub-admins‍)

  • Allow Co-listening
    Users who are listened to must Allow co-listening per profile. This is done by navigating to Users > ‍Profiles‍.

When this is done on all users who will use the function, you are ready to start co-listening!

When a colleague who has allowed Co-listening is in a call, another colleague with Co-monitoring permissions can listen in on the call by pressing the phone icon next to his colleague in the contactlist. Then you get a couple of options, the last of which is Listen in. It is also possible for multiple people to listen in at the same time! 

The colleague who is being listened to will be able to clearly see who is listening in on the conversation at the same time as a short alert sound is played, which indicates that someone has started listening in.