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New SIM card administration

Author Shawn Ketabchi

Last updated: June 1st, 2023 by Ellinor Niklasson

As an administrator, you can change SIM cards or connect new ones to your company’s users through our admin portal

To add a new SIM card to a user, go to Users > SIM card and hardware, then click on the user, followed by the cogwheel. Here is where you change the SIM card by entering the SIM card's IMSI number (a 15-digit number on the back of your SIM card package) in the text field. After you are done, click Save.

Here you can also block a sim card if for example the mobile phone was lost. 

If you want to add, for example, a twin card to a user, you have to first add it in Users > Additional services. Then, select the user from the list and tick the box next to Twin card surf. After you have clicked Save, the twin card is shown in Users > SIM card and hardware. Click on the name of whom you want to add it, and scroll down to Twin card. Here you add the SIM card's IMSI code the same way as for a normal SIM card. 

Under SIM card and hardware, you also have the opportunity to Block a SIM card if needed. If you do so, you need to contact us to take away the block for this SIM card.

You can also reuse SIM cards when users quit. After you have deleted a user, the SIM card is then released and is no longer tied to any subscription and then you can assign it to a new user.

If you need to order more SIM cards, contact our support.