My Overview

Author Shawn Ketabchi

Last updated: May 17th, 2023 by Roland David

My Overview is a dashboard within the PBX tab in our softphone which shows you an overview of your queues and agents. In the overview, you can see metrics such as how many calls are in the queue, how many users are logged in and available, and the longest waiting time for your queues. 

All users with CC Pro‍ and the statistics permission will be able to access My Overview. Additional services can be administrated‍ in the admin portal below Users > Additional Services. Permissions can be administrated below Users > Permissions.

NOTE! The statistics permission must be set to the group Everyone for My overview to be visible.

The filter on the top right of My overview displays a list of groups. An admin can administrate groups through the Admin portal below Users > Groups. The filter further down on the overview is a filter of queueing systems so that users for a specific queue can be displayed in the users list. Below GIF shows the filtering: 

Administrators can log users in and out of queues, change PBX mode and change user profiles using the three-dot menu next to a queue or user.

Any user can also use this menu to call colleagues or send a chat! 

The Back soon field in the overview will show which users are within 10 minutes from being available and logged in to a queue again. The grey box will also visually illustrate this time as a progress bar.