eSIM - General Information

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Last updated: May 24th, 2024 by Roland David

Why eSIM?

Simple and fast set up

Built into the phone, eSIM can be provisioned instantly and without any external factors. 

Less admin

With the eSIM technology, you spend less time on admin tasks such as packaging the SIM cards and shipping them to the right user.

Dual SIM

Having one eSIM and one physical SIM card in the same phone makes it possible to have two SIM cards. For example, one for a private number and one for work. 

Environmental friendly

eSIM does not require any manufacturing or transportation. Great for the users, great for the planet!

In what countries can I have eSIM from Telavox?

Telavox supports eSIM for mobile users in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We are looking into solutions for other countries. 

What devices support Telavox eSIM?

Telavox eSIM is supported by the latest generation of smartphones. Please check with the smartphone manufacturer for details regarding eSIM support.

Telavox eSIM does not support smartwatches at the moment.

Can I use two eSIM cards on the same phone?

Most of the smartphone models only support one active eSIM at a time. This means that if you already have an active eSIM from another mobile network provider, you cannot actively use a Telavox eSIM as well.

If you want to actively use two SIM cards, only one of them can be an eSIM. Please check with the phone manufacturer for exact details of eSIM support. 

Why doesn’t Telavox support eSIM for Apple Watch?

To provide an eSIM to Apple watches, we need to gain access to Apple's technical documentation that enables communication with the smartwatch. Apple requires all eSIM providers to be certified Apple Partners, and at the moment, Apple does not accept any new members to their Partner program.

We are continuously monitoring the situation and are keen to provide eSIM support for Apple watches as soon as it becomes possible. 

How do I order eSIM?

You can find instructions on how to order eSIM through Telavox here‍.