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Profiles for admins

Updated By Oscar Hjelmstedt

Updated at August 10th, 2022

One of the most important functionalities in Telavox is profiles.

How can you use profiles, and for what?

  1. To show your colleagues if you are available for calls or not.
  2. To select which number is shown when you are calling out.
  3. To select what happens to a call when you are busy in another call.
  4. To select what happens to a call if you have not replied in a certain amount of time.
  5. If you have a mobile license, you can select if you want to receive calls to your mobile, softphone, or both.
  6. If you have recorded calls activated through our additional services, you can select for which profiles your calls are recorded.

As an admin, you have the possibility to change profile settings for all the users you administrate.

You can access the profile settings in our admin portal through Users > Profiles. Here, you find all the same settings for profiles as in the basic user side – but in the admin portal, you can mass-edit the profiles for everyone or even create a new profile for everyone in the company. Just make sure to select everyone if you wish to change the profile settings for several people in one go.

Once you select at least one user, a new panel pops up on the right-hand side of the page: Here, you will do all the changes regarding the profiles. Here are all the settings you can change in more detail:

General settings
You can see the name of the profile, its speed dial and status. If the status is changed to Not available, it means that the user will not be reachable, and you can select a standard length and calendar priority for the profile.

Number display for outgoing calls
You can select which number the users want to show when calling a number. From landline means the Telavox softphone, and mobile phone the user’s mobile device.

Call to mobile number
Determines where a call is directed when the user gets a call to their mobile number.

Call to landline number
Determines where a call is directed when the user gets a call to their landline number. If you so wish, you can set the number of seconds in Delay to mobile – seconds, after which the call is redirected to the mobile phone. This setting is by default different if the status of the profile is Not available.

Handling when no answer
If busy means if you are in another call. If no answer means if you have not answered the call in a certain amount of time.

Always remember to save after you have done changes to the settings!