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Connected services

Updated By Oscar Hjelmstedt

Uppdaterad September 7th, 2021

In the Telavox app, you can integrate your Google or Microsoft calendar. This means you can synchronize your calendar and contacts from your account with Telavox.

You start creating the integration by going to Settings > Connected services, and then clicking either Google or Microsoft, depending on which account you want to connect with Telavox.

When you have selected one of the alternatives, there will be a pop-up window guiding you to proceed with the integration – here you have to log in with your Google or Microsoft account. Once you have logged in, the page will inform you of the successful login and ask you to return to the Telavox app.

Then you can select what you want to synchronize with Telavox: your contacts, calendar, or Drive – or why not all of them?

Calendar integration

Once you have selected your calendar to be synchronized with Telavox, you have the chance to Auto-activate meetings, when you have a calendar event with more than one person. Then your profile will automatically be set to "Meeting".

If you wish to have specific profiles activated during certain calendar events, you have to do the following:

1. Go to the profile number for the profile you want to activate in Settings > Profiles > Display profile numbers.
2. Select the number which is presented before the profile you want to use.
3. Go to your Google or Microsoft calendar's event you wish to use the profile with.
4. Write "status:[profile number]" to the notes of the calendar event, e.g. "status:1" for lunch or "status:2" for meetings.
5. Save, and you are ready to go!

Please note, that you can write the status text before or after the notes in the calendar description, as long as the status text has one row empty before and after.


If you select to synchronize your contacts from your Google or Microsoft account, they will be shown in your Contacts list, under External contacts.

For Google accounts, please check more instructions here.

For Microsoft accounts, please check more instructions here.