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Invoice description

Updated By Linda Heiskanen

Uppdaterad October 4th, 2021

What is included in invoices from Telavox?

This guide goes through how our invoices look like from the first page. 

The first page of the invoice shows an overall view of the invoice, where you can find the most important information regarding it, such as the sum to be paid and the due date.

Here is an example how an invoice can look like:


1. Invoice address
The invoice's receivers name and address

2. Period
The period which is included in the invoice. Please note, that the period can be longer or shorter than a month - depending on if you started using Telavox in the middle of the month

3. Sum
The total sum of the invoice

4. Invoice date
The date the invoice was issued

5. OCR/Invoice number
The invoice number, should be included in your payment to Telavox

6. Due date
The date the payment should be done to Telavox

7.Customer number
Have this number at your disposal when contacting Telavox - this makes it easier to find the correct invoice

8. Bank identifier number
This should be used if you pay through e.g. a web-based bank account