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Most frequently asked economy questions

Updated By Shawn Ketabchi

Uppdaterad May 14th, 2021

What happens if I do not pay my invoice on time?

We send out invoices on the first day of each month with 25 days of payment time permitted. If you do not pay the invoice on time, the first reminder will expire 7 days after the due date, and after 14 days, we will send the second reminder via letter.

Your calling services will be suspended 25 days after the due date. 

How do I see if an invoice is paid?

As an administrator, if you log in to home.telavox.se and go to Administration > Invoices, you can easily see all the invoices and if they are paid. This is also where you can download your invoices as well as full specifications. 

On the same page, you can also navigate to Invoice places to adjust the address or email that the invoices are sent to.

What do the different items on my invoice mean?

An invoice contains a summary of the services you have purchased from us. 

If you download the invoice specification, you'll have access to further information regarding the usage of the services. The services will also be specified on a user and department level.

What if I overpay or pay the same invoice multiple times?

If you happen to pay too much or pay the same invoice several times, the excess sum will be credited to you by being automatically deducted from your next invoice. If you would rather have the money refunded, then that can be arranged by contacting us

Why do I get billed for calls?

If you have used the 3,000 minutes included in your Mobile license, you will be billed for the calls exceeding it.

If you call a national service or corporate number, you will be billed according to the service provider's traffic rates. If you have a flat rate, it can be that you made these calls before the flat rate was activated.