Where should I turn if I have an invoice question?

Author FAQ Team

Last updated: January 17th, 2024 by Linda Heiskanen

You are always welcome to contact us directly to receive help with invoice questions. The most common questions and answers can be found here.

This is how you contact our support;

For Swedish direct customers:

Call +46406220000 or email support@telavox.se.

For customers in Sweden through retailers:

Call +4620105555 or email af@telavox.se.

For customers in Denmark:

Call +4533600000 or email support@telavox.dk.

For customers in Finland:

Call +358931546100 or email support@telavox.fi.

For customers in Norway:

Call +4723650000 or email support@telavox.no.

For customers in the UK:

Email support@telavox.co.uk.

For customers in Spain:

Call +34 935 475 858 or email soporte@numintec.com.

For customers in Belgium:

Call +3228807241 or send a ticket here.

For customers in France:

Call +33173438001 or send a ticket here.