Choosing your Caller ID

Author FAQ Team

Last updated: August 10th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

Caller ID lets you choose which number to show to people when you call them. This can be your landline number or your mobile number. In addition, you can set the Caller ID to be different per Profile. For example, show your mobile number once you have left for the day or are on Holiday.

The default setting for the Available profile is to display your landline number for both your fixed telephone and your mobile phone. For the profiles Left for the day, Sick leave, and Holiday the default is to display your mobile number.

How to change your Caller ID number per Profile

  1. Go to Settings > Caller ID
  2. Toggle the Edit by profile switch at the bottom of the page on
  3. Click on Landline, Mobile or Text
  4. Select a Caller ID from the list
  5. Choose the number to be shown for that Profile. This will be the number shown when you call from your mobile or landline, or when you send an SMS. This is explained in the following example:
    • Click Landline
    • Click on the Profile Holiday
    • Switch the selection from Landline number to Mobile number
    • Repeat this procedure for any of the other Profiles you want to update