Recorded calls FTP export

Author Roland David

Last updated: February 6th, 2024 by Linda Heiskanen

With Telavox you're able to record all of your calls with our additional service that's simply called Recorded calls.

Telavox normally stores all of your recorded calls for 2 years and during this time you can freely listen to the recordings, download them and delete them if you have the proper permissions for it.

If you would like to save your recordings for longer than 2 years, or if you just want the files to be saved and accessible locally on your side you can do this by setting up an FTP server where Telavox will then be able to upload all of your recordings automatically. If this service would be of interest, please contact the Telavox Support or your contact person.

General product information:

  • Recorded calls are continuously uploaded multiple times per hour (normally every 10 minutes) to your FTP server.
  • All of the recordings on your customer page are automatically uploaded.
  • Only recorded calls made or received from a traffic controlled mobile or fixed extension in the Telavox network will be recorded and exported. This means that calls are e.g. not recorded if the extension is roaming/abroad (this is true for recorded calls in general).
  • For information regarding the service cost, please ask your support contact.

There are also some requirements for your FTP-server that needs to be fullfilled:

  • It specifically needs to be either an FTP or an SFTP server (FTPS will not work).
  • The server need to have a 24/7/365 uptime.
  • Enough free disc space to always allow for new files to be transferred.
  • The server needs to have authentication, either in the form of username/password or a key.
  • The FTP service may be locked to Telavox IP addresses. In case of changes, Telavox will notify this 3 weeks on beforehand (Telavox IP range is

Lastly, when ordering this service from Telavox we need the following information to be able to set this solution up for you:

Password/Key (max 41 characters):
Folder path for uploads:
TLS/SSL Certificate (if needed):
Upload all recordings after (date):
Technical contact: