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Return of hardware

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Last updated: August 10th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

Before returning hardware make sure to troubleshoot the hardware yourself by following basic troubleshooting steps found online(or in the manual). For example restarting, factory resetting or trying different networks etc. Make sure to contact us‍ regarding the issue you are experiencing before returning the hardware. 

For troubleshooting of a Gigaset C530 or A690 check this article‍. 

When returning hardware, send it with the following address and information

Att: Troubleshooting
Stora Varvsgatan 6A
21119 Malmö

It is important that you also add your company name to the parcel and also an errand id or person you have been in contact with at Telavox regarding the return. 

The warranty periods are as follows:

Yealink / Gigaset / Cisco / Pingcom(Eltek) - 1 year

Jabra headsets and Android phones - 2 years

Apple handles troubleshooting of iPhones so they should not be sent to us but handled here.