Grey-listed destinations

Author Roland David

Last updated: June 18th, 2024 by Oscar Hjelmstedt

We use something we call Grey-listed destinations to limit outgoing calls to certain country numbers and this is there as a safety net for our customers against possible fraud attempts. Grey-listed destinations are automatically added for users, but it is possible to add exceptions for countries or remove the function entirely if you wish.

As an administrator, you can make changes via the Admin Portal by going to UsersCall Routing. After you have selected which user you want to make the changes to, you can click on the pencil next to Grey-listed Destinations to make changes to existing settings and add exceptions for countries or numbers that the user should be able to call. This can be done either in the form of a complete phone number, or only a country code if the user needs to be able to call all phone numbers in a country (e.g. +47 for Norway):

If you instead want to remove Grey-listed destinations completely, simply click on the trash bin next to it: 

In some cases these blocks can also be found in Telavox's underlying system, so if your changes do not work even though you have followed the steps above, we recommend that you contact Telavox Supportfor guidance. You can get the list of all our greylisted destinations from our support.