Grandstream GDS3710 - Yealink T58(A/W)

Skapad av Jarne De Koster

Uppdaterad: 22 september, 2022 av Linda Heiskanen

In this article we will show you how to configure a Yealink T58 to work together with a GDS3710. Yealink T58 support audio and video (JPEG) when integrated with GDS3710.

Note: In this article we use a fixed IP on the Yealink and the GDS3710. This is necessary to be able to use the video preview and the open door functionality. If you do not want to use those functionalities, a fixed IP is not necessary.

  1. In the Admin portal, go to the Hardware tab. Click on add hardware and add your own terminal.
  2. Fill in all the asked information about the T58A:           
    1. Brand and Model
    2. MAC address
    3. Who will be allowed to make changes
    4. User
    5. Description
    6. Check and confirm
    7. Add terminal
    8. Factory reset the terminal
  3. Login into the T58A by surfing to his internal IP address.          
    1. Username: admin
    2. Password: Can be found in Partner
  4. Go to the Features – Door Phone tab and change the settings as in the image belowWhere IP GDS3710 should be the internal IP of the GDS 3710.

  5. Go to Phone Settings – Phone Settings and fill in the STUN server:

Connect the GDS3710 to the UCaaS platform

  1. In the Admin portal, go to the PBX Services tab and add a shared extension.
  2. Give a name to the shared extension and assign a number to it.
  3. Retrieve the SIP information of the shared extension (username and password).
  4. Login into the GDS3710 by surfing to his internal IP address.
  5. Go to the Account tab and register the GDS3710 with the retrieved SIP credentials
    1. SIP server:
    2. SIP User ID: SIP username
    3. Authentication ID: SIP username
    4. Password: SIP password
    5. Display Name: choose a display name

  6. Check in the status tab if the GDS3710 is correctly registered to the UCaaS platform

  7. Go to Door System Settings - Basic Settings and make sure everything is configured as the image below
    1. Call mode: SIP Number
    2. Door Bell Call Mode: Parallel Hunting
    3. Number Called When Door Bell Pressed: Internal IP of the T58
    4. Enable DTMF open door: ✔