Own Hardware

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Last updated: June 24th, 2024 by Linda Heiskanen

If you have your own hardware which you have not bought from Telavox, you need to configure this entity yourself so that it can work with your telephony solution. Telavox cannot stand for troubleshooting, neither guarantee that your telephony works with your hardware.

Hardware which is bought directly from Telavox are provisioned automatically for you, which means that there will be no manual configuration that needs to be done. This piece of hardware should just plugged to a power source for the network connection to work (in addition for the hardware to be connected to a connection/user).

This article is not a complete guide, but just to give an overview what needs to be done to configure an external piece of hardware.

SIP credentials

Telavox provides the SIP credential which the hardware needs to be configured with. Every connection/user has its own SIP credentials, contact us to receive these. Please bear in mind that the person we send SIP credentials for, should be an administrator as the credentials are sensitive information.

SIP credentials consist of:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Server/domain: sip.telavox.se

The configuration of SIP credentials varies per entity, so please check out the user manual for your hardware.


The picture below shows what it looks like when configuring a Gigaset C530 which has not been bought from Telavox. SIP credentials are written manually in the base station's web interface. SIP credentials correspond in this case Authentication name, Authentication password, and Domain (sip.telavox.se).

You can to access the web interface with a Gigaset C530 through a computer which is connected to the same network as the phone's base station, so that you connect the base stations IP address through the computer's browser.

To get the IP address, press the button in the middle of the front side of the base station - the hand entities which are registered to the base station should start ringing and the IP address should be shown on their screens.

Write the IP address to the search field in your computer's browser to access the web interface. The standard pin code should be 0000.