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Last updated: January 17th, 2024 by Ellinor Niklasson

In the Telavox app under Settings > Voicemail, you can choose which sound should be played when you are busy or unable to answer a call. You can also under Settings > Notifications change how you want to be notified, for example via e-mail, SMS or why not both?

To record a new sound, you can select My sounds > Upload a new sound, or call your voicemail on the number 133 and then press 9.

If you press Require login, you can set it so that you need to enter a code to access your voicemails. Under the same tab, you will also find your existing code.

To listen to your voice response from your extension, call 133. If you want to listen to your voice response from another phone, call 0770339922. From abroad, call +46770339922

To upload a new sound, you can either directly upload the sound via your computer, or choose one of the other two options, which are: Call my landline and record a sound or Call my mobile and record a sound . When you choose one of these options, Telavox will call you and you will then receive instructions on how to record the sound. When you have ended the call, the sound will be added to the list under My sounds.

You also have the ability to add more options that are played when someone ends up in your voicemail. Tap Active alternatives at the bottom of the list and below you will find options to add.

Press 1 to leave a message

The person who calls you and ends up in voicemail will have the option to press 1 to leave a message in your voicemail.

Press 2 to stay on the line

The person who calls you and it is busy gets the option to wait until you are free by pressing 2.

Press 3 to be called back automatically when the person is free

You and the person who called you will automatically be called back after the conversation you were in on the first occasion has ended.

Press 9 to be put through to the operator

You get the option to enter a phone number that the person calling you can press 9 to be forwarded to. Here you can enter which number you want the person to be forwarded to and does not have to be within the company.