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Record message in the switchboard

Author Linda Heiskanen

Last updated: October 24th, 2023 by Joakim Schyllert

You can record new voice messages for your PBX. These messages can, for example, be welcome messages or recurring messages when the caller is in a telephone queue.

Log in to the admin portal and go to PBX Services > Manage Audio to record a new message. When you click Create a new sound in Manage Sounds, you'll see the following:

Here you can name the recording. You can also add a description, for example a transcription. Then you can choose how you want to add the recording:

1. Get a call on your landline or mobile to hear instructions and then record the message.

2. Upload an audio file. We support the most common audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, RAW, etc.

3. You can also select the Skip this step for now option.

Once the recording is selected, it appears in the Manage Audio list. Sounds that you have created can then be added to the PBX in various places, for example as a welcome sound in a queue or as a scheduled sound in a switch mode :

You also have the option to purchase professionally recorded sounds from an external company here.

If something is unclear or if you want help with managing the sounds in your exchange, contact us ‍.