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Chat with colleagues

Updated By Patrik Weiland

Uppdaterad May 6th, 2021

By clicking the second icon from the left in the top left corner, you can access the Telavox chat.

There are a few different ways you can chat in Telavox:

With one or more colleagues
If you want to chat with a colleague, you can do it by simply clicking your colleague's name and the small speech bubble icon Send message.

By creating a public chat room
Public chat rooms are, for example, specific topic-related chat rooms that are accessible to everyone in your Telavox environment. Chat rooms are good for sharing information which is important to your colleagues. This way, it becomes easier to share information with the right people.  You, as a user, can select which chat rooms you want to be part of.

This is how you create a public chat room:

In the chat view, select the extra menu by clicking the icon with the three small dots. Then select Join public room, and click Create new public room. By naming the chat, you are good to go! Feel free also to add a picture and description for it.

You can create a post in your public chat room by clicking the Create post icon on the left side of the text box – all other chat room members can see it, comment, or like it.

If you want to send an attachment, simply click the Add file paper clip icon next to the Create post icon.

All messages and attachments sent in the chat are secured and visible only to the chat members.