Gigaset N720 IP Pro

Here is a step-by-step guide to adding your Gigaset N720 IP Pro to the platform:

Author Jarne De Koster

Last updated: January 11th, 2023 by Linda Heiskanen

1. VoIP Provider

Register Telavox as VoIP Provider through: Settings > VoIP Provider.

Provider: Telavox
Proxy server address:
Registration server:

2. Base station

Register a base station to the Dect-Manager.

3. Handset

Register a handset with the SIP user credentials.

Start the registration on the base station.

Register the handset to the base station in register modus through Menu > Settings > Registration > Register Handset > Choose Base > Enter PIN.

Congratulations, the handset is now registered!


How to change the display name

Edit the handset:

Change the display name:

How to transfer a call

Instead of using the 'R' button, you need to transfer a call as following:

Where <number> refers to the phone number or card number to which the transfer is to take place. To return the call, press *. Hang up to complete the transfer. NOTE: Only incoming calls can be connected.