PBX services

Updated By Patrik Weiland

Uppdaterad May 6th, 2021

Set up conference calls and video conferences, and work with your organization’s queues and channels in the category PBX services.

Making conference calls in My conference

In My conference, you find information about your conference call number and PIN code. You can invite participants via email and join your conference directly from the app. 

  1. Start the call by pressing the Join button.
  2. Invite participants with a pre-filled telephone conference email invitation containing all relevant information about the meeting, including conference numbers and PIN. Email an invite to participants by pressing the Invite button.

If you have international participants, you can find all the international conference numbers via the link View all international conference numbers.

Inviting guests and joining meetings in Video conference

In Video conference, you find the link used to join video conferences for you and other participants.

  • To invite participants, just copy and send the link to your guests. 
  • To join the video conference, just press the Conference icon.

Note: Video conference is not currently available on the phone app.


Queue services allow your organization to distribute incoming calls to different queue members. By selecting a queue name, you can see the details for that queue.

You can log in and out of the queues, see how many calls are in the queue, who is logged in, and who the callers are. In addition, you can see real-time statistics for the queue, such as the current answer ratio.