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Last updated: November 29th, 2022 by Oscar Hjelmstedt

If you click the Contacts icon in the menu bar, you can display all your contacts as well as your colleagues along with their current profile and availability. From the corresponding tab, you can easily make a direct outgoing call by clicking the small phone icon next to their name. By selecting their name, you can see their card with more information. Your colleagues who are in the same Telavox environment as you, are by default added to you as your contacts.

Please note that you can also mark specific contacts as your favourite, which means they will always be shown on the top of your list. This can be done by clicking on them, followed by the small star icon next to the text Favorite.

External contacts

You can also add external contacts to the list, which means you can add someone outside your Telavox environment to your list – for example your company’s partner or supplier. This can be done by clicking the icon with three dots and then selecting Create new contact. In the next view you just give a name to the person, as well as other details such as a phone number. After clicking Save, they will get added to the list.