Telavox API

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Last updated: August 10th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

What can I do with the Telavox API? 

Documentation of our API can be found on this page: About the Telavox API.

What is Json Web Token (JWT)?

JWT is a more secure way of authenticating yourself when using our API, and this is something our customers can use today. Rather than using a username and password, JWT is a token that is unique for each user and integration.

How do I create a token?

Users can create a token in the web or desktop app under My Account > Username and Password > Manage tokens. Tokens are user-specific. 


After the token is created it cannot be shown again, so make sure to use it right away or save it somewhere safe.

How do I revoke a token?

To revoke a token, just press the Revoke button next to the token you want to revoke. Once the token is revoked you can not use it anymore.

Do I have to change token if I change the user password?

No, you can still use the same token. No change is needed.