How do I Block a SIM Card for my Lost Mobile?

If you loose your mobile phone, an administrator can block the SIM card, or you can contact Telavox to block the card for you. Contact Telavox Support by phone at 020-100 000 or email them at Please note that you as the customer are responsible for any costs incurred until the SIM card is blocked.

How do I Block my SIM?

  1. Go to the desktop app
  2. Go to Settings > Mobile
  3. Click SIM card
  4. Press the Block SIM card button

How does an Administrator Block a SIM?

  1. Log in to 
  2. Click on Users  and select the user 
  3. Click on SIM card and hardware 
  4. Then click on Block SIM card 

How do I Block my Mobile Phone?

To block your mobile phone you will need to file a police report so that you receive a case number. You then need to send the case number and the IMEI number of your phone to Telavox, so that they can block the phone.

Note: If you do not have the IMEI number you can find it in the same place in where the administrator can block the phone.