Troubleshooting of Gigaset C530

Author Shawn Ketabchi

Last updated: July 26th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

This article is about Gigaset C530, which is bought directly from Telavox. 

Gigaset C530 consists of a handset (on the left side of the picture), and a base station (on the right side of the picture). 

Make sure that the power cable is connected to the base station from the back side of it, and the network cable is connected to it from the side.

Factory reset base station 

The base station:

  1. Disconnect the power and network cables.
  2. Hold the button from the front side of the base station.
  3. Connect the power cable back to the base station.
  4. Release the button on the front side of the base station when it starts to blink blue.
  5. Connect network cable.

If you have successfully done the factory reset, the handset is automatically disconnected from the base station. If this has not happened, repeat the steps above for the factory reset.

Reconnect the handset to the base station

  1. Go to settings (cogwheel) in the handset.
  2. Register.
  3. Register handset.
  4. Press the button on the front side of the base station until the handset is registered.
  5. In case the PIN is asked, type in the PIN: 0000.

To check which handsets are connected to a base station, you can press the button on the front side of the base station, then the handsets which are connected to the base station, will start ringing.

Factory reset handset

  1. Go to settings(cogwheel) in the handset.
  2. System.
  3.  Restore handset.

Then follow the instructions above to connect the handset back to the base station.


Another network cable/output

Make sure that the base station really is connected to a network with the network cable. Connect the base station with a network cable/output you know that is working, for example one from a computer or another functioning telephone.

Another network

Test your Gigaset in a completely different network. If possible, you can take it home to test it in your home network. If there seems to be an issue with the phone only in a specific network, the firewall settings need to be changed in that network. You can change the settings yourself or ask help from your network provider. You can check the settings from this article‍.

Contact Telavox

In case you cannot set up your Gigaset, contact us and we can have a look if something looks wrong behind the scenes or if we have some tips on how to proceed.

Make sure to inform us what the problem is, which number is connected to the Gigaset, as well as the MAC address which you can find under the base station. With the help of the MAC address, we can see which entity you are trying to set up.

If you are contacting us by email, please take a picture of the MAC address under the base station and attach it to your mail. This is reducing the risk of the MAC address being read wrong.