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Configure your Firewall

Updated By Patrik Weiland

Uppdaterad May 6th, 2021

For outbound traffic:

Create a rule for all UDP and TCP ports for Telavox networks

For this rule, there should be a Timeout (TTL) of at least 3720 seconds, as our phones contact us every 3600 seconds. If you cannot raise your TTL then contact our support and we can reduce the registration interval on the phones to 120 seconds.

For inbound traffic:

No rules are needed here as the session is initiated from within the network. Disable all ALG / SIP functions and Application Control on the traffic to Telavox if this is in the firewall. They usually do more harm than good.

Full information about our network:


Netmask: = 20






Hosts / Net: 4094

Note: If you bought Yealink or Gigaset from us, you also need to open up traffic to their server so that they can retrieve their settings correctly. The addresses of these are:


Gigaset - ( - ( - (