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Send SMS

Updated By Patrik Weiland

Uppdaterad September 8th, 2021

Send SMS via the Telavox app

Via the Telavox app, you can send SMS if you have a Fixed or Mobile license. Fixed and Mobile licenses have 3,000 external call minutes to use and each SMS is the same as one call minute.

To send an SMS via the app, navigate to Messages> Enter the number in the search field and then select SMS further down under "Start a new chat". See below video that shows how!

The actual message to be sent is entered as a regular chat message in the app. There is no option to send MMS or receive SMS / MMS.

SMS number display

To adjust what text / numbers are to be displayed for these outgoing SMS, this is adjusted in the Telavox app under Settings (gear)> Caller ID> SMS.

The default setting is "NoReply". If you want to get any specific text there, for example your company name, this can be solved by contacting us . Keep in mind that the text must be under 11 characters and that the allowed characters are only az , AZ and 0-9 .

Email to SMS

Users who can send SMS via the Telavox app can also use email to SMS . For this to work, the email must be sent from the email address that is linked to the user. SMS sent will then be from that user. These SMS thus follow the same setting for number display and debiting as SMS via the Telavox app.

To send an SMS via e-mail, the e-mail must be sent to [NUMBER] @ sms.telavox.se

For example: 070123456 @ sms.telavox.se.

If SMS is to be sent to different country codes, you can write:

[COUNTRY CODE + NUMBER] @ sms.telavox.se

For example: 4670123456 @ sms.telavox.se

You then write the message itself in the subject line of the email.