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Meridix - Users

Author Linda Heiskanen

Last updated: October 3rd, 2023 by Ellinor Niklasson

In this article we will go through users. A user is a person who have access and can create and schedule reports.

Adding a new user

The first admin is set up by your customer success manager.
If you need to add a new user to the Meridix environment, you go to Administration > Users > Add new user. There you need to fill in the new user’s basic information, such as name and email address. By leaving the password box blank the user will be prompted to set password. Also, we suggest you send the user an e-mail with a link and guidance on how to reset password by checking the box Send initialisation request.

Other basic settings for creating a user are:

  1. Selecting the administration rights (Should the user have administrative rights or not)
  2. Check the box View all enabled (Otherwise the user will not be able to create reports with content)
  3. Selecting the correct language
  4. Selecting the correct timezone

Deleting a user

If you need to delete a user, you go to Administration > Users and select the user you want to delete. Then you go to the tab Delete user, and click the button Delete user.