Softphone headsets supported with call control

Author Linda Heiskanen

Last updated: June 24th, 2024 by Oscar Hjelmstedt

The Telavox softphone supports three different headsets with call controls: Poly (Plantronics), Jabra (only newer versions with software), EPOS (Sennheiser) and Yealink (currently only for Windows). You can connect your headset through the Telavox softphone by going to Settings > Telephony & Audio > Audio device.

In this view you need to make sure to select your headset in the Audio input and Audio output sections.

In Telephony & Audio, you also need to enable "Use headset controls to answer and hang up call"


If you have problems with your headset connected to Telavox, e.g. you cannot hear the caller or vice versa, or you cannot seem to get the headset call controls to work, try out these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Restart the headset/computer
  2. Make sure that your headset is connected to the computer overall and the Telavox softphone (as shown above)
  3. Make sure the headset is up-to-date by downloading the software for it and checking its settings
    1. Poly Hub for Poly (Plantronics)
    2. EPOS Connect for EPOS(Sennheiser)
  4. Test the headset with a different device

If these steps did not help you, please contact our support and inform them of the issue and what you have done.