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Redirect calls

Updated By Patrik Weiland

Uppdaterad May 6th, 2021

Active call redirect

You can redirect calls in the Telavox app, either when you're in a call, or you can set up automatic redirects for specific situations. 

When in a call, you can redirect the call by clicking the small phone icon next to your colleague's name. When you're about to transfer a call, you will be allowed to choose between a blind and an attended transfer.

A blind transfer is when the call goes directly from you to your colleague.

An attended transfer is when the caller is put to wait on the line so that you get to talk to the colleague that you want to transfer the call to. While talking to the colleague, you can choose to Complete the transfer or Cancel and reclaim the call.

 Alternatively, while being in a call, you can transfer to an external number by typing the number in the search field and then transfer by clicking the green Transfer button. When doing this, you will once again need to choose between the blind and attended transfer methods

Automatic redirects

If you go to Settings > Incoming calls, you can select what happens to a call if you are busy in another call or if you don't answer.

If you want to redirect a call when you are busy, select If busy > Forward to other number. You can then click Number to forward to, which will show a list of numbers within your company to choose, but you can also enter an external number in the search box. 

If you want to redirect a call when you have not answered it after a certain amount of time, you select If no answer > Forward to other number. Then click Number to forward to, select a number from the list or enter an external number.

By choosing Wait time, you can select the amount of time that will pass before the call is forwarded to the given number when you don't answer.

These settings can also be done by profile, and that is when you have to toggle the button Edit by profile on the bottom right of the page. Then you can do these same settings in each profile.