Get started with Telavox Widget

Author Joakim Schyllert

Last updated: November 17th, 2023 by Linda Heiskanen

Telavox Widget makes it easier for you to talk to your customers. It is your customers' best friend on your website, it maximizes your customer support, creates more leads and increases sales. It shows the waiting time in your call queue, your company's opening hours and contact details. Now you can chat with your customers through the widget! You can change the widget colors so that it aligns with the same impression as your company. 

Installing the Telavox Widget and the live chat

Log in to the Telavox admin portal and go to Chat widget.

  • Name your chat and select which agents and colleagues should answer in the chats. Select which phone number and email address you want to show in it. When you add numbers to the widget, by clicking Edit, you can choose if you want the opening hours of the queue to be displayed and you can also choose to hide the number.

  • When you are selecting what color the widget is supposed to be, and in addition, if it is going to be on the left or right side of your webpage. Here you can find a selection of colors to choose from.

  •  Fill in the webpage's address you want the widget to be located in, and then click Save. Now Telavox creates automatically a piece of code that you or your webpage provider can paste and embed on your webpage.

Live functionalities

The chats are being answered through Telavox, in our desktop app or mobile app. If you already have a PBX in Telavox, it will be easy for you to know how you answer your chats. The widget chat is shown in the same place as your other PBXs.

Administer live chats

To change opening hours, add or remove members and check the response rate on your chat you need to log in to our application either via the web interface or on the computer via the client. Then go to PBX services > Live chats > Tap on the live chat you wish to administer.

Add and remove colleagues

Go to the live chat you wish to administer and then press Members. To add members, click Add Member and to remove members, tap Edit Members and then Remove.

Opening hours

To administer the chat's opening hours, go the same page as for adding or removing members, Web app/Desktop client > PBX services > Live chats but press Opening hours instead of members. Here you can open or close the queue manually but also create a schedule for when it should be open or closed.

Response rate

With the statistics widget, you can easily see how your response rate is in the live chat. You can also customize the information you see as needed by pressing the response rate box and mark the Star to see the information your chat.