Configure your Calendar Integration Settings

With Calendar Integration, you can let your calendar control which Profile is active for you based on the entries in your calendar. For example, when you schedule a meeting via your computer or phone, your Profile can be automatically set to Meeting so you won’t be disturbed.

Note: My Account is not currently available on the phone app.

To integrate your calendar

  1. Log in to the web app
  2. Go to Settings > My Account
  3. Scroll down to Connected services then click Connect account to sign in through your Google / Microsoft account
  4. In the pop-up choose and sign into your account
  5. You will see Synchronization in progress > Synched accounts 

How to Activate Profiles with your Calendar Events

Include the text “status:[profile number]” in the subject or notes for the event. For example, write “status:2” if you want the event to activate your Meeting profile.