Make Calls with Tel/CallTo Links

When you use our Softphone via Telavox Desktop and find a phone number, for example on a web site, or in your CRM-system, you can simply click on the number to start the phone call. Those of you who call a lot from the computer can now have a more effective and flexible workday.

Note: The number you want to dial has to be provided in a CallTo- or Tel- URL-format.

Windows 10: Activate the CallTo in Windows 10. 

Follow the procedure below to activate CallTo in Windows.

  1. Go to Windows > Settings
  2. Select Apps
  3. Select Default apps > default apps by protocol
  4. Scroll down to TEL (or CALL TO) > Choose a default
  5. In Choose an App select “Telavox


On a Mac this works automatically.