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Updated February 16th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

Mass edit contacts

You can mass edit contacts from the Admin portal - in other words, upload an excel file in CSV or VCF format and import contact details from it. You can download a template here. A CSV file that you want to upload should look something like this: You can add different columns to your liking so that you get the contact details you need. NOTE: If you ...

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Updated May 13th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

Quick start up guide to Telavox

This is a quick guide to start using Telavox. You can click here to download the Telavox softphone. We scratch the surface of the Telavox softphone so that you can get a smooth start with it. Please see the below videos for guidance.  Outgoing calls Transfer calls You can check for more guidance about transferring calls by clicking here. Caller ID Y...

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Updated December 9th, 2021 by Linda Heiskanen

Number reporting

You can report your numbers yourself to number reporting services via the Admin portal. This is done in Phone numbers > Current numbers > Then select one or more numbers > Configure number reporting. In Configure number reporting you get the following alternatives: Hide name The name which is hidden is the one associated with the number. Yo...

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Updated December 16th, 2021 by Linda Heiskanen

Meridix - Reports

Meridix creates automatically some suggestions of reports you might find useful, per queue, user ID or IVR, which can be accessed directly from the front page, in Basic reports. Queues: Incoming - Answered - Unanswered - Redirected - (Avg) Queue User ID - presence: Incoming - Answered - Unanswered - (Avg) Call duration IVR: Handled calls. By either ...

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Updated October 28th, 2021 by Linda Heiskanen

Connected services

In the Telavox app, you can integrate your Google or Microsoft calendar. This means you can synchronize your calendar and contacts from your account with Telavox. You start creating the integration by going to Settings > Connected services, and then clicking either Google or Microsoft, depending on which account you want to connect with Telavox. ...

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Updated September 16th, 2021 by Linda Heiskanen

External search on calls

It is possible to run an external search on a number from an incoming call through our call widget functionality. You can set it up in Settings > Telephony & Audio > Advanced telephony > Call widgets > Add call widget.  All you have to do is to add the title and the URL to the widget. You can see an example of a URL in the picture be...

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Updated May 18th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

Recorded messages for PBX services

You can record new messages for your PBX, which will be played to the people that call you. These messages include welcome messages or messages played to the caller every thirty seconds while they are queuing, for example. Log in to the Admin portal and navigate to PBX Services > Manage sound to add a new recorded message. Once you have clicked C...

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Updated December 10th, 2021 by Linda Heiskanen

Meridix - Users

In this article we will go through users. A user is a person who have access and can create and schedule reports. Adding a new user The first admin is set up by your advisor.If you need to add a new user to the Meridix environment, you go to Administration > Users > Add new user. There you need to fill in the new user’s basic information, such...

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Updated March 23rd, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

Call handling

With a Telavox Mobile license, you can handle calls from your mobile phone in few different ways. In General > Call method, you can select how your calls will be made: Ask for each call: Means that the application will ask every time how you want to make a call Call directly: Make an outbound call directly from the phone itself, using the SIM-car...

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Updated May 18th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

Invoice description

What is included in invoices from Telavox? This guide goes through how our invoices look like from the first page.  The first page of the invoice shows an overall view of the invoice, where you can find the most important information regarding it, such as the sum to be paid and the due date. Here is an example how an invoice can look like:   1. Invo...

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Updated May 4th, 2022 by Linda Heiskanen

How to change PBX opening hours

It is important to keep your PBX opening hours up to date so that your customers know when they can reach you. To remind you how to do it, we have created a small video with simple instructions on how to adjust ordinary opening hours, record a new greeting, and create a new PBX mode. Please note, that if you have several PBX modes scheduled at the s...

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